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TISP Group - GDPR Compliance

Effective date: September 14, 2020

TISP Group ("we", "us", or "our") operate the following websites (individually and collectively the "Service"):

  1. https://9biznet.com - 9biznet
  2. https://acad.itoju.ng - Acad Ìtọ́jú
  3. https://academy.atitoju.com - Academy ÀTÌtọ́jú
  4. https://asotito.com - Asòtítọ́
  5. https://business.asotito.com - Asòtítọ́ Business
  6. https://health.asotito.com - Asòtítọ́ Health
  7. https://life.asotito.com - Asòtítọ́ Life
  8. https://technology.asotito.com - Asòtítọ́ Technology
  9. https://atitoju.com - ÀTÌtọ́jú Luxury Senior Living
  10. https://careportal.ng - Care Portal NG
  11. https://comms.svs.onl - Comms SVS
  12. https://clock.itoju.ng - ÀTÌtọ́jú Staff Time & Attendance System
  13. https://demo.ngcareportal.com - NG Care Portal Demonstration Site
  14. https://ecomms.tisp.co - EComms TISP
  15. https://evanstoolkit.com - eVANS Tool Kit
  16. https://info.ngcareportal.com - NG Care Portal Information Centre
  17. https://infosolutionsprovider.com - The Info Solutions Provider
  18. https://infosolutionsprovider.com/appts/index.php - TISP Consultants Engagement Booking System
  19. https://itoju.ng - Ìtọ́jú NG
  20. https://ngcareportal.com - NG Care Portal
  21. https://novapro-m.com - NovaPro M
  22. https://office.tisp.co - TISP Consultants Help Desk
  23. https://om.sls.cx - NG Tele-Med II
  24. https://qwickMatch.com - Quick Business Match Making
  25. https://salesvelocitysolutions.com - Sales Velocity Solutions
  26. https://sd1.ngtelehealth.com - NG Tele-Med I
  27. https://sls.cx - Short Link Service
  28. https://svs.onl - SVS
  29. https://tisp.co - TISP Cloud Storage
  30. https://tisp.onl - TISP Online
  31. https://tispc.com - TISP Consultants Portal
  32. https://tispcomms.sls.cx - TISP eCommunications
  33. https://tispmedia.com - TISPL Media Platform
  34. https://tld.tispc.com - TISP Academy (Training, Learning & Development)
  35. https://tm.itoju.ng - @Ìtọ́jú Team Management System
  36. https://webmeet.sls.cx - TISP Consultants Small Web Meetings
  37. https://wm1.svs.onl:5443/webmeets/ - TISP Webinars & Meetings
  38. https://wm5.tisp.onl - TISP eCommunications


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force across the European Union on 25th May 2018 and brought with it the most significant changes to data protection law in two decades. Based on privacy by design and taking a risk-based approach, the GDPR was designed to meet the requirements of the digital age.

The 21st Century brings with it broader use of technology, new definitions of what constitutes personal data, and a vast increase in cross-border processing. The new Regulation aims to standardise data protection laws and processing across the EU; affording individuals stronger, more consistent rights to access and control their personal information.

Our Commitment

Operators of the TISP Group websites (‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’) are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We have always had a robust and effective data protection program in place which complies with existing law and abides by the data protection principles. However, we recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the demands of the GDPR and the United Kingdom’s Data Protection legislation.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under our remit and in developing a data protection regime that is effective, fit for purpose and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for the new Regulation. Our preparation and objectives for GDPR compliance have been summarised in this statement and include the development and implementation of new data protection roles, policies, procedures, controls and measures to ensure maximum and ongoing compliance.

How We Prepared for the GDPR

We already had a consistent level of data protection and security across our website; however, we worked hard to be fully compliant with the GDPR by 25th May 2018. Our preparation included:

Data Subject Rights

In addition to the policies and procedures mentioned above that ensure individuals can enforce their data protection rights, we provide easy to access information via our website of an individual’s right to access any personal information that we process about them and to request information about:

Information Security & Technical and Organisational Measures

We take the privacy and security of individuals and their personal information very seriously and take every reasonable measure and precaution to protect and secure the personal data that we process. We have robust information security policies and procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction and have several layers of security measures, including: SSL, access controls, password policy, encryptions, pseudonymisation, restriction, authentication, etc.

GDPR Roles and Employees

We have designated Dr Fatai Badmus as our Data Protection Officer (DPO)/Appointed Person (AP) in compliance with the new data protection Regulation. The DPO/AP is responsible for promoting awareness of the GDPR across our user base, assessing our GDPR readiness, identifying any gap areas and implementing the new policies, procedures and measures.

We understand that continuous awareness and understanding is vital to the continued compliance of the GDPR.

If you have any questions about our compliance with the GDPR or would like to enforce your rights under it, please contact the DPO/AP:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this GDPR Compliance, please contact us:

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